Community Management

Legal scope


  • Incorporation of the community or reception, verification and exhaustive verification of the documentation and settlement presented by promoters or other administrators.
  • Preparation of meetings with presidents, mediating conflicts between owners or third parties, for greater coexistence.
  • Convening and holding of ordinary and/or extraordinary meetings.
  • Drafting of minutes and execution of adopted agreements.
  • Management and contracting of all the necessary insurance and maintenance for the Community.
  • Property Security Protocols.
  • Legal advice in conflicts and situations of discrepancies between neighbors and/or third parties.
  • Personnel management: Social Security, payroll, occupational risk management, etc.
  • Tax management.
  • Custody of documentation.
  • Issuance of certificates.

Economic area


  • ON-LINE administration of the community.
  • Transparency in the economic accounting management of the community with visibility in ON-LINE Administration.
  • Study of the economic situation of the community, drawing up the annual budgets and their management.
  • Preparation and processing of receipts, as well as monitoring of income and control of delinquency.
  • Claims for non-payments.
  • Treasury management: Collections and control of payments that are appropriate, as well as negotiation with industrialists and suppliers of the community.
  • Personalized negotiations with supply companies and companies in charge of maintenance, seeking economic and service optimization.



  • Management of the property and maintenance of its value with the corresponding inspections and revisions.
  • Preventive maintenance, advising on the necessary interventions to comply with regulations and ensure the conservation and improvement of the property.
  • Handling claims with insurance companies.
  • Ensure a good regime of the property, facilities and services for the preservation of the value of the property.
  • Numerical and temporal control of incidents. Incident reports in ON-LINE Administration.
  • Regular visits to the facilities.
  • Carrying out and managing the Technical Building Inspection (ITE).
  • Resolution of incidents and breakdowns.

Online administration

In our commitment to the preservation of the environment, we focus our efforts on minimizing the use of paper communications. Instead, we opt for the latest technologies and are constantly striving to provide a more advanced service that meets the needs and improves communication of our customers. Our exclusive tools allow hierarchical access to all community data, in accordance with the regulations established by them.

Energy savings

Our mission is transparent: We want to help your community save money and contribute to caring for the environment. Our portfolio of suppliers has highly trained specialists in the sector, who will carry out a comprehensive energy audit to optimize rates and help you reduce your energy consumption by a range of 20% to 40%.

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We are a prestigious real estate agency in the area, it has trained and specialized salespeople.

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